Executive functions are a collection of higher-level cognitive skills which are responsible for your ability to prioritize your selective attention, solve problems, and make proper decisions. These skills are critical for your ability to restrain undesirable actions while performing appropriate ones.

Executive functions are also responsible for other cognitive processes such as appropriate action planning, abstract thinking and rule acquisition, abilities usually related to the brain's frontal cortex. Monitoring judgments and impulses are also guided by executive functions, that determine who we are, how we plan and carry out our plans, and how we generally organize our lives.

Successful executive function training improves your overall cognitive flexibility, abstract thinking, ability to plan, maintain attention, rule acquisition, and the ability to decide on a task and carry it out for a period of time, and then move on to another task/set.

What if we lack Executive Functions? A lack or deficiency in executive functions can result in antisocial behavior, as well as quite a few psychiatric and developmental disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism, and Tourette's syndrome. Someone with executive function deficits may succeed on basic attention tests, such as those requiring them to view a computer screen and act accordingly when certain shapes appear, but may encounter difficulties with tasks demanding divided or alternating attention, such as providing different responses depending on the stimuli presented.

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Executive Function subcategories

Executive Functions are divided into the following cognitive skills:

Response Selection

Response selection is the ability to select a correct response or to decide which action to take in a confusing situation.

Our response selection games improve your ability to focus on only relevant tasks and responses, enabling you to execute tasks both speedily and with more efficiency.

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Task Switching

Task switching is the ability to shift from one rule-set to another rule-set according to an external cue and allowing us to adapt to changing circumstances and shift between cognitive tasks.

Task switching training keeps the brain stimulated and develops the ability to react faster and more accurately to changing situations.